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Send Healthy Missionaries

Equipping and supporting those who go to multiply and reach.
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Do you:

  • Have a passion for God, the lost, and the local church? 
  • Have a heart for the nations that God has brought to North America? 
  • Desire to be part of a collaborative team committed to the Great Commission?
With EveryEthne, you can cross cultures without crossing borders by becoming a North American missionary.

When you become a missionary with EveryEthne, you can:

  • Get the training and support you need to plant a new church.
  • Play a key role in revitalizing churches and helping them get fully engaged in the mission of God. 
  • Cross cultures without crossing borders. 
  • Make disciples among the dozens of unreached people groups living here in North America. 
  • Be part of a collaborative team committed to mobilize the church to be fully engaged in God’s mission.

Join the EveryEthne team and cross cultures without crossing borders.

Connect with us to find out how you can become a North American missionary with EveryEthne!

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Why EveryEthne?

EveryEthne fulfills its mission within a culture that has three core values: cards, shoes, and elevators. These values impact the way we interact with people inside and outside of our team.

"I am known."

We put our “cards on the table.”  We practice collaboration and interact with transparency to build trust within our team. We also have communication channels that allow us to share and celebrate important news, policies, and accomplishments within EveryEthne. 

"I am cared for."

We “walk alongside” our team members to accomplish the work God has given us to do. This includes the use of soul care coaches, walking with those who are going through difficult circumstances, and providing timely counsel when needed.

"I am equipped."

We have a “culture of movement” that encourages every missionary to fulfill the call God has placed on their lives. We do this through Individual Development Plans that address the spiritual, physical, financial, and professional needs of each person on the team. We also pay for each new teammate to get the training they need to develop financial partners. 

"I depend on God."

Knees reflect our practice of depending on God in prayer. Personally and corporately, we have seen God answer many prayers for us and the churches and leaders we serve. We know we can accomplish nothing of consequence without the Spirit working in and through us. EveryEthne is meaningless without Him.

Current Needs

At this time, we are specifically looking for people interested in the following:

  • Planting churches
  • Evangelism & Disciple-making
  • Ethnic ministry
  • Developing and coaching missionaries
  • Tech support
  • Social media
Take Your Next Step

Your church can send healthy missionaries

The local church is the key to sending healthy missionaries. Without the passion and support of local churches and pastors, there would be no missionaries to send.

That’s why EveryEthne comes alongside local churches and pastors to help them send well.

To engage in a free consultation, please contact us:
Many church leaders also attend our 24-hour demo.
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