Our History

For over 90 years, ABWE has been a leader in training and sending people to share the Gospel, develop leaders, and plant churches in more than 70 countries. From its inception, evangelism, church planting, and training of national leaders have been hallmarks of ABWE. This work has been accomplished through developing teams to work in partnership with national leaders and churches in order to ignite movements that engage EveryEthne in God’s global mission. As a result, hundreds of churches have been planted, thousands of leaders have been trained, and several nations are already engaged in sending missionaries to plant churches around the world.

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Our Opportunity

Due to rapid globalization the church has a unique opportunity to cross cultures without crossing borders. People from remote areas of the world – places we traditionally send missionaries – are increasingly coming to North America. Many intend to return to their countries, creating the opportunity to disciple and commission them to take the Gospel back home.

In addition, a great need exists to reach the unchurched living in the increasingly post-Christian context of North America. In the early 20th century, more than 75% of the population were active in a local church. However, today, researchers estimate that church attendance is closer to 17%.

“Gone are the days when we should think only about sending missionaries over there; we must now consider how we can both get to the unreached peoples over there while simultaneously working to reach them over here.”


Our Vision

Our passion is to be on mission with the Church to reach EveryEthne in North America through a disciple-making movement that multiplies leaders and churches. This initiative is focused on seeing the Church advance, mobilize and multiply.

We desire to partner with churches to identify and own the lostness of their culturally, socially and religiously diverse communities, so that every man, woman, and child has repeated opportunities to hear, see and respond to the Gospel.

Church Advancement

Growing the health and capacity of churches

Church Mobilization

Creating a lost-to-leading disciple-making culture

Church Multiplication

Planting churches for
Gospel saturation