Matching Gift

Learn how you can transform lives in churches through your donation

How has the Lord Already used EVERYETHNĒ?

The Importance of Multiplication

Multiplication is at the heart of the EveryEthne Initiative. When you think of the story of the 10 loaves and 5 fish, Jesus didn’t merely add to that number in order to feed the 5000 – He multiplied what he was given. The Lord has already allowed EveryEthne to help churches across North America multiply converts, disciples and leaders through our tools, resources and personnel. Consider being a “Multi-Match” Donor to further multiply the impact of EveryEthne. 

Our Need

We are asking the Lord to provide $1,062,150 over the next 3 years.

Our Strategy

We are also asking the Lord to help us discover multiple individuals, foundations, organizations and churches who, having seen what the Lord has already accomplished through EveryEthne, will commit to investing in this ministry at multiple levels for this year, or for multiple years. Below are some suggested Multi-Match commitment levels. 


Your Opportunity

Your financial gift or Multi-Match financial commitment will help transform lives, bring the hope of the gospel to people through the planting of new churches and breath new life into existing churches.

Click here to see all the ways you can help transform lives through EveryEthne. 

By clicking on the “Match Commitment” below, you can indicate the amount that you would like to match (or multiply) once our team has raised that amount. For example, a $1000 Match Commitment means that once our team has raised $1000, you commit to match (or multiply) that amount. If you want to give a gift now, click the “Give Now” below, and feel free to invest now, allowing your gift to be matched by others at a later date. 

Our Commitment to Our Donors

At ABWE, we know that the resources we have been entrusted with are not our own; they are given to us by God through our generous and faithful supporters. We are committed to being good stewards of those resources and ensuring they are used to make the maximum impact for the Kingdom of God.

As part of our ongoing commitment to our donors and our missionaries, we are accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), an agency dedicated to helping Christian Ministries earn and maintain the public’s trust through responsible stewardship.