EveryEthne Projects

Church Planters

By investing in a church planter through our grant program, you allow our team to attract and coach quality church planters like Chris and Kaitlin Brown who are planting a church in Ferguson, Missouri. Every church planter who joins our team is given a church plant coach who walks alongside them for the first nine months as they plant the church. Besides having a personal coach, every new church planter receives start-up funding for 18 months. By investing in EveryEthne church planters, your gift will also be automatically matched by the new church plant itself! Every church planter who receives start-up funding through EveryEthne agrees that their new church plant will ‘pay-it-forward’ in 3-5 years by investing that same amount in a future EveryEthne church planter. Your initial investment in EveryEthne church planting means that our team will be able to fund church planter grants for years to come through the churches that we help plant.

Church Planter "Partners"

A Church Planter “Partner” is an assessed church planter who desires a relationship with EveryEthne – for advice, counsel, resourcing and coaching – but who already has much of his financial support in place and does not need to join an agency for the purpose of employment. Why invest in a Church Planter “Partner”? Our team of experienced pastors and church planters help coach young church planters through difficulties – as they occur. While other groups often discontinue their assistance once the church is planted, EveryEthne makes a life-long commitment to assist both the planter and the church through every phase of the church’s life!


The EveryEthne leadership team has over 200 years of collective church ministry experience and is eager to mentor future leaders. Investment in the EveryEthne Residency Program pairs seasoned ministry leaders with future leaders looking for a mentor or coach who will help them develop their skills. Because each person who participates in our Residency Program also agrees to “pay-it-forward” and invest in another Resident, within 3 to 5 years the Church Planter Residency Program will be funded for years to come.

Heart, Mind & Soul Seminars

Support the Heart, Mind & Soul Projects
Hindu   |   Atheist/None   |   Immigrants/Refugees   |   LGBTQ Youth
The ABWE/EveryEthne team has created a local church seminar series called “Heart, Mind & Soul” that focuses on moving believers toward building grace and truth relationships with unbelievers. Churches and individuals are finding these seminars to be transformational. The team is currently offering two seminars — one for reaching Muslims, and one for reaching LGBTQ individuals.